Cambodia Project

About DASI - The Cambodia Project.

"Digital Arts for Social Impact" is an innovative collection of NFTs minted on the polygon blockchain collaborating with NFT artists from Venezuela, Canada, and Nigeria. Our mission is to provide future education and improve the living conditions of kids in rural communities around the world. For more information about DASI and our first project with the Cambodian community, please click on the PDF file. By the way, check out our artists' awesome talent.


On January 20, 2022, Darren Tan realized his vision. As part of the Cambodia project, Mr. Tan organized a group of three artists and a team of digital marketing experts. DASI stands for Digital Arts for Social Impact and is a community of individuals from different countries who share a common goal to help others and to make life better for everyone.


Hello, everyone! My name is Jorge & I was born in 1995 at Venezuela. Started sculpting since I was 4 years old and always love the idea of showing my perception to people. I did my first portrait of a person at the age of 14 and know what I wanted to do after I completed high school. Currently I have just completed my studies at the Art school, Arturo Michelena in Venezuela. I truly enjoyed this experience. I am looking forward to meet more people, and reinforce my knowledge in realism.

My style of art focuses on both traditional and realistic human figure. I very enjoyed showcasing my art identity and world views about my creations. I also enjoyed creating portraits in paint. My first experience with digital art was before attending at the Art school as I didn't know how to sculpt in real life. I started practicing with zbrush in 2013 at the Art school & had a slight knowledge with some digital art software applications. In 2021, I realize about the huge potential & possibilities on digital work and art, started studying and developing my art collections into digital art as an NFT. I have always dreamed to make people feeling happy through my art. Digital space especially NFT, presented such a fantastic opportunity will be a great platform for my purpose. To know my style of Art better, please do click on the link showcasing all my personal work on Opensea:

Thank you all for reading & sincerely hoped you enjoy my art!


My name is Godson and I was born in 1997 at Nigeria. I have been drawing since the day I can remember for 10 years old. I loved drawing because it is a moment when I could forget everything and create a perfect world in my head. I am still a student at the school Federal university of petroleum resources Effurun.

My art-style is that of a mixture of anime and me, I think. Because I had this weird ego of not using any reference that's not human. Changing little by little now and my art is getting more realistic. I started using digital in 2015 or so, with my first software used been paint tool sai. Much later, I started to use Medibang which is my favourite tool to use for digital artwork. I have created 2 comics so far. I submitted at the jump tezuka contest in the year 2020.

One of the main reason I came into NFT space, as an additional source of income for me, won't lie about that. My country is not an art loving country and so I have to do what I can to keep my dream moving, (drawing my own comics and publishing it, having about 10k reads and 1k likes) I am a simple man, I think. The rest about me are clouded in mystery, not even me has uncovered yet, but the parts that really matters have been recorded down here. Please checkout my artwork at


Hello, I'm Cham, a Full-Stack Application Developer & Freelancer from Canada. Since the age of 14, I have an entrepreneur mindset. I illustrated & published my first novel in 2012 and volunteered for charities in my local area. Additionally, I have worked with several computer languages and with the latest technologies. My skills range from illustration to full-stack development to writing content, marketing, data analyst, business communications, and digital designing. I gained valuable experience because of my educational programs, personal blogging & creating NFTs on my spare time. I am constantly searching for actions that will lead me to produce my most productive work. My primary goal is to provide others with a masterpiece that's most likely to make the biggest difference in small communities and other parts of the world.

Through art, I want to demonstrate my talent and creativity. It sounds cliché, but creativity fuels my soul and motivates me to work hard! I enjoyed using Procreate, ibis Paint X, and Adobe Creative Suites. And now, I am using Figma and Canva for UI | UX design. Currently, I am excited to be part of a worldwide team that have a strong organizational culture, that improve workflows, and guide decision-making. I strongly believe that contributing to an organized work structure and unifying teamwork, a clear culture can make people work together with a purpose. To learn various skills is my short-term goal. For example, I am learning how to mint NTF & cryptocurrency. Ideally, with the help of today’s technology, I would like to gain a managerial position that would allow me to digitally collaborate in a successful team & contribute significantly to the needs of others.

Please visit at Cham Design Info & I will help guide you about the Digital Art & the Information Technology world!


The businessman behind "Digital Arts for Social Impact" is passionate about giving hope, dreaming of a better world, greenery, and future technology. Mr. Tan realized how unfortunate some Cambodians have lived, especially those who do not always have the resources and privilege to live a better life. Cambodia is an unpredictable and unstable country with a difficult history, extreme poverty, and a constant struggle with funding for good education. A few charities, however, assist youth with their education, and some organizations recruit international participants. Starting with Cambodia, DASI rounded up artists across the globe and built connections to create a team that will contribute to the transformation of lives of others.

How do we intend to raise funds for this project?

Converting 100 hand-drawn arts from underprivileged children into minted NFT Arts on online marketplace and improving the quality of life for everyone across the globe. Our objective is that the community have the right education, a local school, and certified teachers. Effectively advertising to the right demographics will ensure consistent sales.

Creating 20 utility support badges with special benefits including exclusive access to the support channel on Discord for NFT, drop dates, and future events. Each supporter will receive one signed NFT (that is not for sale) and will be able to conduct a Live Web call with the children.

For more information, please contact via



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